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Transfer Co. Food Hall , a food hall and market housed in a 43,square-foot Legendary barbecue spots, old-school soda shops, a hot dog joint that's over years old and more! The Raleigh, N. Cookies in use Cookies are used for measurement, ads and optimization. Raleigh, N. More in this section. Print Email.

CAM Raleigh. CAM Raleigh sparks new thinking by creating ever-changing LGBT Shopping. You may start out wanting the basics, including gay-themed LGBT Nightlife. Learn more N. A Welcome to All From our buzzing nightlife , enticing arts and entertainment , world-class shopping districts , exciting outdoor recreation and professional sports and abundance of luxury and upscale hotels , Raleigh offers a lot to see and do and extends a welcome to all visitors with open hearts, the desire to meet your needs and help you discover your own Raleigh story. Vampire Sorority Sisters?

Yes, yes, I do. It covers national and local news and is an excellent resource. Check it out! NC Pride Pages.

List of gay-friendly businesses in NC. Surviving and Thriving in Durham. You need to login in order to like this post: As a former long-time resident of the triangle, I can say I agree with this list completely.

Print Edition: On Stands Now

Gonna say though, skewing younger aside, the Pinhook also generally has a bigger crowd for most events, compared to The Bar. Pinhook is the best. Also, the annual Beaver Queen Pageant is coming around again! I was there last year, and it is in fact, super queer and fun. Allow me to tell you a tale of The Triangle: I would not recommend it- they displayed both a Buddha statue and a mannequin wearing a sombrero and moustache, the two signature decorations of Hipster Racists.

Also the food was too salty.

119 East Hargett Street - Raleigh NC 27601 - 919-832-4484

My parents were immediately fascinated by the fact that the place was next to a noisy rock club and there appeared to be oh my HIP people going in. High point of the night. I have been waiting for this guide forever; thank you for posting about the awesomeness that is Durham! The League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham throws an awesome annual event where women dress up as crazy characters and arm-wrestle for charity. Other great places to go are: Garden for drinks, dinner, and outdoor dining.

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Both are sponsored by the Bar. Megan, yes! So many queer folks at CC, but also delicious beverages. Apparently the next event is May 17th, so your advice comes just in time. I remember thinking that the name might be just a gimmick, but no, it was a CCR cover-band! So wonderful. I used to work at the Carolina Theater when it reopened after the renovations in the early 90s. I need to road trip and get to know queer Durham too. I moved to Durham recently and really like it. Thanks for all the tips from a Durham newbie!

There are queer ladies everywhere. Even real-life L Word experiences happen here. This was a surreal article to read. Like I said above, I wrote this 1. How the hell did that happen?

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Gay speed dating raleigh nc

I remember Durham and Duke, where I spent most of time as being rather unfriendly towards non, uhm, vanilla-flavored things. But I guess things change, and YAY for that! Now I can even think about going back and having a good time there, which is awesome. I even feel a bit nostalgia now. Say hello to Durham from me, if you live there and read that. Come back sometime! I started school here in Fall , and I think queer visibility has skyrocketed since then whether this is objectively true or just a consequence of having been here for seven years is maybe a thing though.

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Raleigh, N.C., Pride

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Gay speed dating preston

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